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5th-Apr-2013 11:26 pm - latest news
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On March 10th Kakeru and Jun took part in a session band and played at a memorial event for their deceased friend, Fumi (ex-ジェスト/ex-13階段/ex-Nero). They played some songs I didn't recognize as well as two well-known tracks: Pagasus Fantasy from the anime Saint Seiya, and Kami uta by Phantasmagoria. Apparently they used to play those songs together with Fumi. They finished the event with a huge session and played Kami uta again.

The good part of the event: I've never been to an event with a friendlier crowd.
The downside: there were no Valse fans there. I was literally the only Valse fan in the livehouse.

On March 24th they played in Himeji. Cherry blossom viewing by the castle, and a three-man show with Valse? Why not. So for the first time, I followed them out of the Kanto region.
They played a new song, Larme. Music by Jun, lyrics by Kakeru. It's dedicated to Fumi. It gave a new meaning to Everlasting Life which they played right after.
The other two bands were cover bands called LUNA-C and X HIMEJI. I guess their names are self-explanatory XD They did a session at the end and played X. And because Jun is the cutest thing ever, he did a kitty paw gesture instead of the X sign.

At the event organized by Emiru on March 26th, they played Lareine's Fleur. Emiru played the bass for them behind the curtain.
Yours truly forgot to bring a rose, like they asked us to, but thankfully other fans brought more, and they shared with the forgetful ones.

So that's it for now! New cheki... some day XD
12th-Feb-2013 11:26 pm - Quick update
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Just a quick update.

1. To those of you who asked me for goods and CDs. I'll send your stuff on Friday.

2. I changed the layout to include their new costumes. But if anyone wants to make a nicer one, I'll gladly accept submissions.

3. Since this community is growing slowly but steadily, I was thinking of trying to do some kind of international project for Hiroki's birthday. Maybe pictures of fans with white roses? Please comment if you have any suggestions.

Thanks for your time!

Rock'n Rose!
24th-Jan-2013 02:11 am - You. Birthday Event
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As promised, they showed up in new costumes. They're very... white. A little overdone, if you ask me. Their previous pirate theme was rather obvious and easy to describe. I'm not sure what to call their current one. Snow White? Angelic? Bridal? XD

The setlist was a little unusual. I'd never seen them play La Neige at a multi-band event before, but I guess it was only logical.

1. La Neige
2. Rose Cruel Scar
3. Eternal White
4. Secret Eden

5. Angelic Sky

Some new cheki:
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And that's it for now! I bought the single for those who asked for it. The new song is probably one of their best.
14th-Jan-2013 12:52 pm - news
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Happy New Year, everyone! Long time no post. I hope you had a good Christmas.

As you probably know, bassist I has officially left the band for personal reasons. They've been performing as a four-person unit since October, so despite the bad news, I'm sort of glad that they finally said something definite.

On Jan 22 they're having a sponsored event for You's birthday. You is not only a full time member of Scarlet Valse, but also GURIGULA's support guitarist. Both band are performing at the event, a well as a few others.

They're going to sell a live-limited single titled "Eternal White". It has 1 song for 500 yen.

Also, Kakeru announced on his blog that from Jan 22 they're going to have a new concept. They have new costumes (no pictures yet), and they've been recording. By how many times he mentioned recording in many separate posts, I'm hoping there's more to come than just one song.

I have plenty of cheki to post but no time to go to kombini and scan them. Hopefully I can do it soon!
26th-Sep-2012 11:36 pm - 1st anniversary oneman
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Why, thanks guys! I got soooo many messages from you, I was flooded with them!

All of the messages included in these books were written by fans who attended their shows in Japan. And even those are sparse. Including mine, I only had 9-10 messages for each member.

I should have given up on international fan projects after my failure with another fandom. I was still hoping that Scarlet Valse fans would be more dedicated.

Anyway, here is the finished project:

Under the cut: cheki, live "report", and more photos of the scrapbooks.

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6th-Sep-2012 02:33 am - Anniversary project
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Hello, everyone!

First of all, I made a new header featuring their current look. However, I'm afraid I lost my touch when it comes to photoshop, so if you want to make a better one, or even a completely new layout, go ahead!

Seondly, the street teams and support groups I contacted on Facebook about the flowers, either ignored my messages or refused to help. It seems I can only count on this community. Does anyone still want to chip in for flowers for the band's first anniversary? It's not too late yet, though to be honest, I'm not very hopeful...


I'm preparing scrapbooks with messages from fans to the members. I would greatly appreciate it if you contributed by adding your messages to this project!

1     There are going to be 5 separate scrapbooks - 1 for each member. Please address your messages to individual members.

2     You can write 5 messages, or you can write 1, to your favourite member. The number of messages you send is up to you.

3     Each message will be printed on a postcard size card. So don't make it too long, please!

4     You can draw something, you can decorate it, but please remember that I need to be able to print it, and that the cards are small.

5     You can write in Japanese or in English. Please bear in mind that the members don't speak very good English, so keep your messages simple :)

    The scrapbooks will be given to them on September 22, at their anniversary concert. I will need a few days to put everything together, so I would appreciate it if you could send your messages by September 17.

    You can either send them via LJ, or to this email address: kurenai.lily@gmail.com

8     Feel free to pass on the info about this project! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
20th-Aug-2012 01:27 pm - Anniversary project
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As you probably know, Scarlet Valse will be celebrating their 1st anniversary next month with a oneman show.

In Japan there is a custom of giving flowers to bands on special occasions, such as anniversaries. Those flowers are then exhibited inside or outside the livehouses. For example, these arrangements were sent to UnsraW for their last live:

Scarlet Valse seem to have gained a respectable international fanbase. It would be wonderful if all foreign fans could get together to send a flower arrangement to the band, "to Scarlet Valse from international fans".

This flower shop was recommended to me as a good place to order such flowers:

As you can see, the cheapest versions are a little less than 16,000 yen. But if we all chip in, we can collect the right amount!

If we find just 16 people, who can give 1000 yen each, it won't be so expensive anymore. Some people might give less, some people might give more. It’s all voluntary.

Do you want to be part of this project? Can you find other fans in your areas, willing to participate? Please comment here and spread the word!

I was thinking about including the names of all the countries that participated. But details will be decided when I know that there are enough people interested to make this work.

20th-Aug-2012 01:41 am - Lyrics: Everlasting Life
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Lyrics: Kakeru     Music: Kakeru


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